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Balancing the needs of keeping fleet operations going, making them more cost effective, and trying to do the right thing for the environment can often stress even the strongest management teams. Evaluating the ever increasing array of technologies with claims of “green” is a project that most companies find daunting and many simply pass on incorporating environmental initiatives into their operations.

Understanding the balancing act facing management, Eco-Edge works to ensure that our customers have a trusted place to turn to that gives them the peace of mind that they are staying ahead of their competition, protecting their bottom line, making sound decisions and, in economically sensible ways, doing their best for the environment. To do this, we offer services identifying best-in-class technologies, analyzing fleet fuel economy, analyzing and testing product performance, designing customized solutions, installing and maintaining eco-efficient products, and optimizing preventive maintenance schedules.

Eco-Edge, LLC - Eco Pro Identifying Best-In-Class Technologies: Eco-Edge only represents eco-efficient technologies that it has rigorously evaluated and found to be best in its class. Eco-efficient technologies are those that save money and reduce environmental impact. Eco-Edge supports customers’ needs through constant market research, testing and evaluation of products that are relevant to their operations. Eco-Edge’s commitment to our customers’ success will never be compromised by matching them to the wrong technology.

Eco-Edge, LLC - Eco Pro Analyzing Fleet Fuel Economy: The escalating price of diesel has caused many fleet operators to rethink the notion that fuel is not a controllable cost. Consequently, we assist customers in controlling fuel costs with our thorough understanding of the factors that can positively and negatively impact a fleet’s fuel economy. This understanding has been fostered through many years of experience analyzing fuel data for all types of fleets and equipment. Customers rely on Eco-Edge to help them understand the significance and causes of costly variances in fuel economy, and more importantly, what they can do to reduce their fuel bill.

Eco-Edge, LLC - Eco Pro Analyzing and Testing Product Performance: Eco-Edge has conducted analysis and testing of hundreds of vehicles and pieces of equipment to help our customers evaluate the performance of various technologies. As experts in this field, our role when performing these tests is to ensure that the data gathered is valid, relevant and conclusive, and that there is a clear understanding and achievement of the test objectives. We take pride in knowing that our customers can feel secure that tests have been performed with the highest level of integrity and independence to provide a basis for sound business decisions. We have a variety of methodologies available depending on our customer’s goals and we work closely with them to satisfy management’s objectives.

Eco-Edge, LLC - Eco Pro Designing Customized Solutions: Your fleet is unique and your issues vary from day to day. Our objective at Eco-Edge is to ensure that solutions meet your needs and address the issues that are standing in the way of optimal profitability. This often means thinking outside the box and creating solutions to environmental and profitability issues that “no one ever thought of.” We are good at that! So when someone says “it can’t be done,” don’t be so sure. Check with the Eco-Edge team to find solutions.

Eco-Edge, LLC - Eco Pro Installing and Maintaining Eco-Efficient Products: Our customers are confident that when they outsource installation and maintenance of equipment to Eco-Edge, they are getting the highest degree of customer service and satisfaction available. Your productivity is our number one concern. Therefore, when we install your eco-efficient technologies, we treat your equipment with the same or better care than your own team would and allow your mechanics to focus on doing what they do best: keeping your equipment on the job. We regularly follow up our installations with system checks to ensure that your products are continuing to perform in conformance with our high standards.

Eco-Edge, LLC - Eco Pro Optimizing Preventive Maintenance Schedules: Nothing can disrupt a fleet more than when operations are out of sync. It is as if your gears are not aligned with one another – nothing runs smoothly. And in fleet operations, that means loss of productivity and profit. Eco-Edge professionals can work closely with your fleet maintenance team to optimize your PM schedules to take advantage of savings, procedures and technologies designed to maximize your fleet’s time in the field and reduce the cost per touch of the equipment, all while reducing your environmental impact.

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