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Eco-Efficient Products...

The following is a summary list of technology based solutions offered / recommended by Eco-Edge to improve fleet and industrial operation profits, while reducing environmental impact. Eco-Edge brings an unprecedented level of credibility to the industry; matching companies with validated best-in-class eco-efficient technologies and offering turn-key solutions for everything we recommend.


Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Catalytic Aerosol Injection™

Reduces diesel emission levels (PM, NOx, HC, CO, and CO2) and soot in oil

Improves diesel fuel efficiency and engine longevity

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Best in Class Oil Bypass Filtration System

Reduces oil use and waste oil by tripling oil drain intervals

Improves preventative maintenance efficiencies & engine longevity

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro On-board, Real-Time Driver Training Technology

Reduces accident rates and cost per crash

Improves driver performance, accountability and fuel economy

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Innovative Oil Contamination Extraction Technology

Reduces wear metals and contamination in oils

Improves preventative maintenance efficiencies & engine longevity


Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro DPFs, DOCs and SCRs

Reduces diesel emissions output levels

Improves permitting/run-time and corporate compliance/image

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Fuel Filtration & Water Separation

Reduces contamination from diesel fuel

Improves fuel filter longevity and extends engine life

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Biodegradable Greases

Reduces hazardous waste

Improves environmental impact from reduced petroleum use

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Oil Analysis

Reduces engine failures by diagnosing engine issues early

Improves engine longevity by enhancing preventative maintenance

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Fuel Flow Meters

Reduces unknown fuel consumption issues

Improves fuel efficiency by tracking optimum fuel consumption

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Aquatain

Reduces costly water-storage evaporation

Improves efficiencies by reducing water loss

Eco-Edge, LLC - EcoPro Preventive Maintenance Review

Reduces operational inefficiencies

Improves productivity by optimizing PM cycles

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